Lists of animals, plants and fungi from Vorsø



Roebuck, crossing the Vesterdam pond, Vorsø. (Photo copyright © by Kaj Halberg)



This photograph, taken with a very wide-angled lens, shows a carpet of white anemone (Anemone nemorosa) in front of a 200-year-old common oak (Quercus robur), Vorsø. (Photo copyright © by Kaj Halberg)



Yellow fairy cups (Bisporella citrina), growing on the trunk of a toppled tree, Vorsø. (Photo copyright © by Kaj Halberg)



Egg-laying Adelphocoris quadripunctatus, Vorsø. (Photo copyright © by Lars Skipper)



Hips of common dog rose, glowing in the November evening light, Vorsø. (Photo copyright © by Kaj Halberg)




In the Danish section of this website, under Naturreservatet Vorsø, you may find lists of various animals, plants, and fungi, encountered on Vorsø. The lists are written in Danish, but with Latin names, so they can at least be used as a quick reference.

The following lists have been completed:


Fungi and slime molds, see Artslister: Svampe og svampedyr på Vorsø.
Lichens, see Artslister: Laver på Vorsø.
Mosses, see Artslister: Mosser på Vorsø.
Seedplants, ferns, and horsetails, see Artslister: Karplanter på Vorsø.
Dandelions, see Artslister: Mælkebøtter på Vorsø.
Dragonflies and damselflies, see Artslister: Guldsmede og vandnymfer på Vorsø.
Beetles, see Artslister: Biller på Vorsø.
Hover flies, see Artslister: Svirrefluer på Vorsø.
True bugs, see Artslister: Tæger på Vorsø.
Birds, see Fugle på Vorsø
Mammals, see Pattedyr på Vorsø.



The following expressions on occurrence have been used:


alm. = common
almindelig = common
årlig(t) = annually
bestand = population
dårligt kendt = poorly known
efterår = autumn
fåtallig = scarce
forår = spring
formentlig = presumably
formodentlig = presumably
fundet = found
gæst = visitor
hist og her = here and there
ikke afklaret = not clarified
ikke kendt = not known
m. = very
meget = very
registreret = recorded
ret = fairly
sikkert = presumably
sjælden = rare
sommer = summer
talrig = abundant
uregelmæssig = fluctuating numbers
vidt udbredt = widely distributed
vinter = winter
ynglefugl = breeding bird