Created by an ogress



The Vorsø Archive contains notes from the late Mikkel Rasmus Mikkelsen, who was a teacher in the local Søvind School 1927-1963. Among these notes, a local legend relates the following about the creation of Vorsø:


Peninsula Gyllingnæs was home to an ogress, who got so angry listening to the tolling bells of Vær Church that she decided to bury the church. She filled her apron with soil and started walking along the northern shore of Horsens Fjord. However, when she had been walking a distance, a little soil fell through a small hole in her apron. This soil became the tiny islets of Langøerne. As the hole grew bigger, she wanted to get a better grip on the apron, which, however, split, causing most of the soil to fall out. This huge heap of soil became Vorsø. Finally, the rest of the soil fell out, creating the islet Vorsø Kalv.



”Finally, the rest of the soil fell out, creating the islet of Vorsø Kalv.” – Vorsø Kalv, seen from Vorsø, August 30, 1995. (Photo copyright © by Kaj Halberg)



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